Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fun with Warhol

I just couldn't stop playing with the stencils and did this sort of Andy Warhol grid with them in the end, using the May TIF Challenge colours which I "read" as light and medium blue, pink and a browny-pink. It was great fun and I'm not displeased with the result even though it is something I might never have done but for the Challenge.

Here's the original grid, where I left white spaces between the squares which I subsequently cut out because I didn't like them.

Here's the used stencil. I cut it out of a piece of textured wallpaper because it's stronger than copier paper when it gets wet. However, when I used it texture-side-down, the paint escaped under the stencil and made smudgy images, so that's not recommended. I should really have cut two stencils, facing opposite ways or else used some other material that was smooth on both sides - live & learn!

Here is a pic of the little rose I did a few weeks ago - I unpicked the celtic knotwork beading I'd done around it, so it's ready to be used on something. There is a glass blob I found years ago, around which I tried out the cabochon technique, thinking it could be the eye of some creature. And finally, there is a lens that I think is called a "dragon's eye". It makes the world look faceted.

I tried to take some photos holding the dragon's eye lens against the lens of the camera - here are pix of the cabochon and the rose. I think I can use these in something, but don't know what yet.

Here's the back of the cabochon.

Finally, just a comment on a comment from Purple Missus, who said in part, "James Hunting said we must call ourselves artists and not textile or fibre artists that way people will take our art seriously. After all a painter doesn't call himself a 'paint artist'". I so agree - it's not the medium that defines the artist, it's the intent behind the making.


Guzzisue said...

that reminds me that I've got one of these somewhere, they were being sold at a quilt festival about 15 year ago, played with it for about 30 min, put it away somewhere safe...........

Magpie Sue said...

Thoroughly enjoying your progression on the TIF challenge this month. Seems to me you've fulfilled the challenge more than once!

It's interesting to go round the blogs to see how each responds to this question. As a group we could have quite the discussion on whether or not to use the qualifiers 'textile' or 'fiber.' I like the idea of simply calling myself an artist but find I tack on 'textile' for the purpose of clarification. I am not, nor ever expect to be, a painter!

MargaretR said...

I agree that it makes sense to call ourselves 'artists' rather than 'textile artist'.
I also love the way you have thought this one out. I have been very busy this last month, so haven't given it much thought yet I'm afraid.