Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September BJP finished

...for now. Here are pix trying to show the sunflower piece for the September BJP finished. The colours are subtle golds, beiges, browns but after many attempts to get a good image, I resigned myself to the idea that the image will never show the richness of texture and colour that is the real embroidered & beaded piece. The pix have a blue cast that knocks back the yellow hue in real life. I think it needs more darks to represent shadows but it needs to rest for a while before I come back to that. It now lives in my BJP folder in a plastic pocket, waiting for me to come back to it at the end of the year (or perhaps sooner) for finishing.


pam T said...

Wow! I really, really like your September page! Love the colors.

pam T

Robin said...

WOW~ This is stunning! I know the frustration of color shifting. Texture is also difficult to capture in a photograph. Yet, I think our brains are used to that.. we know what beads and fibres look like, and we're able to adjust the image in our minds. Anyway, when I clicked to enlarge your Sept piece, I gasped out loud... it's so lovely!

Robin A.

heidibeads said...

I love this, I can see the texture and read the colors - it's wonderful!

Caroll L. said...

Absolutely wonderful !!
All what I love :-)))

soe said...

It is so airy, so etherical (I am not sure if I am chosing the right words here, Dutch is my first language :)). WOW (that is exactly the word I mean!)

freebird said...

This is so delicate looking. Love the play of fibers and beads. Terrific piece.

jacqui said...

Please don't touch it, leave it as is, as its a stunningly beautiful piece. It is so easy to overwork something but not so easy to stop when you know in your heart of hearts its finished, as there is always that niggle in the head that taunts you. Ignore the taunt and look ahead to next month.

Pursuing Art... said...

Your September page is beautiful! I love the colors you chose and your beadwork is lovely!

I look forward to seeing your monthly pages!

~Lisa ;-)

KV said...

Must have been on vacation when you posted this fantastic piece of work.

It is quite simply stunning!

Kathy V in NM

CC said...

So soft & pretty! I really like this! The texture is wonderful! You have oodles of talent!
Warmest aloha,